Transcendental Music


The legendary idea of the “music of the spheres” rings true. Is an atom musical? Is a planet, a sun, or a galaxy musical? What of the auric sphere, the sphere of thought and consciousness? What of centers and subsidiary centers found in everything? It’s not just orchestral groups that are musical–one can sense the importance of resonance in all spheres where everything from the microscopic to the cosmic is understandable in musical terms. Meditative sensitivity to the transcendental music of life is infinitely more than the usual understanding of musical appreciation. Music, in a profound sense, is encoded with meaning where worlds of essential information are communicated in sound.

Since all is unity, particles of the cosmic song thread their way into everyday life–a human voice, the sound of the rain, or a bit of seemingly ordinary music. But customary conversations are often less conducive to perception than silence or the sounds of nature. And perceptive comparison with more musical expressions may render our usual talk embarrassing. Perhaps in this contrast there is a key of attunement and attainment.


Artistic variation on art piece by lilsnipeyxgfx.


5 thoughts on “Transcendental Music”

  1. How does this fit in for a person who hears music constantly? I’m one of those people. It started about twenty years ago and I searched the house for something that had been left running (radio, TV, etc.) I hear it in the car without a radio playing, I hear it throughout the day, and when I go to bed at night with everything electronic turned off, it is almost so loud that I wish I could turn it down. Most of the time it is music with which I am familiar, but not always. Sometimes it repeats itself over and over and I understand that at those times I have probably heard something and just can’t get it out of my head. However, at other times it is absolutely beautiful, something I have no memory of ever hearing. My feeling then is one of awe and I stop and listen carefully with the feeling that I am being blessed spiritually. After all these years it has proved at times to be a great comfort that surpasses the aggravation at other times. Please tell me there are other people that this happen to.

    1. Hi Marie,

      Yes, other people have had experiences similar to yours, and there is a wide variety. Some of these experiences are psychic and some spiriual, and some a combination of the two.

      Paranormal music perception has been addressed in parapsychology and is a known phenomena; one good examples is the book:

      I had something roughly anologus to what you describe. One time several years ago I had a perception of music where there was none, except that it only occured, strangely enough, when I was driving a car. It stopped after a while and has not reoccured. This was a psychic type experience. I also had a spirtual experience with sound when I was a young man.

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