Initiation into Light


It is a glorification and exaltation, but also knowing and responsibility and being alive for the first time. It is deeper relations, and new work, and broader vistas. It is clarity and transformation. It is refinement and penetration and transcendence and joy and pain and more work and love. It is power, and harmony, and God, and it is radiant color and sound.

3 thoughts on “Initiation into Light”

  1. indeed – light is one source of en-lightenment – then there is another – sound, the hum of the universe – let there be sound and there was sound – a humming as Hindu scriptures call it the Om sound – which holds the secret of transcendence

      1. indeed – the secrets of transcendence are contained in the ancient Upanishadic revelations of Hindu sages – you may like to read several posts under my pages – HINDUISM – the Upanishads – you can begin with the introduction to the Upanishads and carry on if it engages yur interest.

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