The Hyper-dimension of Things


Space, like spirit, includes all things, and in modern times has become the symbol of transcendent adventure and the playground of unfettered imagination. Space, inner and outer, is the ultimate frontier, the great matrix of evolution.

Things are the externalization of a hyper-dimensional reality that is behind and through them. And there is another spirit behind that leads deeper yet. We see numerous interpenetrating levels, all present now, and each hiding deeper spaces. Symbols, that is to say things, when rightly apprehended become hyper-dimensional portals.

And formal thought is a thing.

The secret places of thought are like the grandeur of the night sky. Though the eye seems just a small mysterious mirror of remote points of light, yet the spirit touches all points and fathoms the deep mysteries of our participation in cosmos. The depth of space and the depth of thought come to resemble each other, and sparkle with the same extraordinary resources. And just as a rough geode hides unexpected beauty, so in the most diverse levels of the external world may be found the sparkle of the reality.


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