Shocks of Beauty


Why is the perception of the real world such a shocking experience? Because it is so different, so unusual, being revelatory of both the grandeur that we are, and the littleness we often express. This contrast is shocking. Imagine how the awesome beauty of reality compares to the thoughtless ignorance of our daily life. We may see something so beautiful that it is painful. The beautiful itself is not painful, but the contrast between beauty and our newly revealed ignorance is most painful. Spirit is pure Beauty and it illuminates errors by contrast.

2 thoughts on “Shocks of Beauty”

  1. Two lines resonate with me “the grandeur that we are” and ” pure beauty illuminates error”. I had never made the comparison of man and grandeur although now that I think about it, I wonder that I had never seen it. The second line is easier for me because I have witnessed it and participated in it through the course of my life. Recognition can often be a step to change, can’t it?

    1. “Recognition,” an interesting thought. In schools there are often two types tests, multiple-choice and essay. Multiple-choice is easier in that we only a “recognition” level of knowledge. Essay is harder where we have to evoke something more spontaneously from within ourselves. In life, I imagine the two work together and support change.

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