The Essence and Body of Thought


According to temperament, thoughts manifest in images or in words or sounds. We become aware of thoughts as they manifest, but there is a subtle moment just prior to manifestation, just prior to words and images—in this moment thought is without a body. Visualize the expression of thought-images and thought-sounds as from a circle of light with a brighter point of light at the center. In the process of embodiment, thought-light radiates downward or outward from the center to the periphery. If we draw close enough to this center we arrive at a quiet space where we can apprehend thought before it is incarnates, before it has a body.


4 thoughts on “The Essence and Body of Thought”

  1. I like it, I just don’t yet understand it. It seems plausible as I understand the Spirit world as Beings who live in a different atmosphere but who have qualities that are different than ours, especially the quality of penetration which I have compared to thoughts entering the mind or to air as a penetrating substance. I assume the embodiment of the thought assumes some spiritual form, but it is still very vague and well…mystical.

    1. Hi Marie,

      You said, “. I assume the embodiment of the thought assumes some spiritual form…”

      Seems like our best thoughts are, or try, to express things spiritual. Perhaps we could say that the spiritual dimension can shape, inspire, or express in thought–at least in a limited way. I think the words or images are, so to speak, the bodies of our thoughts. There can be some measure of spiritual energy behind thoughts–behind the words and images–these being the soul of thought. The body or forms our thoughts take are, or should be, evolving, becoming more like and resonant with the spirit to which we try to give expression.

  2. It seems necessary to become friends with this pure thought prior to manifestation-to stay with it. A creative person (which is everyone) needs to have a high tolerance for uncertainty, and an ability to abide in the state of unknowing. Thanks again for the inspiring words.

    1. Yes, uncertainty, very interesting and it seems we try to be certain by attaching ourselves to the forms of things, the words, our own thoughts and images. We humans are often, so speak, idol worshipers, falling under the spell of some limited pattern of thoughts, behaviors, and concepts.

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