Teachings as Catalyst


Teachings are not the truth, but a catalyst to aid in approach to the truth. There are limitations to be found in every verbal formulation and in those who give them. Good teachings have merit as general guidelines and as stimulus to thinking and reflection. Also, even in a great teaching, the specifics and their application to any time and space involve much ambiguity and vagueness. So, in this sense, we are always on our own, in other words a good teaching or teacher stimulates independent thought.

6 thoughts on “Teachings as Catalyst”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. A good teacher will not tell you the answers. They will guide you in reaching your truths. That’s my teacher’s method. Incidentally, I believe I act as a counselor for my teacher. I don’t have her wonderful knack for guiding people in finding the lessons. I just try to encourage her to recognize the excellent personal qualities she possesses.

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