Life as Meditation


All the phenomena of life are meditation forms. Meditation arises spontaneously from the hidden side of things; no waking person can escape the glory of it. There are great shocks of communion in children’s faces and in the pages of books. And here it presses itself upon us in the voices of friends and in the sun behind clouds. And when we dutifully set meditation aside as a packaged ritual of image and word, we may find this works also, but for some of us, not as well as life. For me, the artificiality of forms suffocates, and I try to avoid death by improvising. On a good day perhaps directing our gaze is form enough. From that alone we may slip quietly into the great blue sky of the real.  

4 thoughts on “Life as Meditation”

    1. Ah, a special quotation award for Strawberryindigo and blueangel:

      “I saw a vision of Earth’s multitudes going up and down over the Earth–and I saw the great earth itself wheeling and careering onward through space. And behold! here and there to one among the multitude a change came; and to whomsoever it came continued onward apparently as before–yet as from the larva springs the perfect image, so (as it appeared to me) from that mortal form a new being, long long in preparation, glided silently up unobserved into the breathless pure height of the sky.”

      Edward Carpenter, Towards Democracy

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