Most Like God


God creates and man creates, and man creating well is most like God. We give ourselves to creation, finding there the true, most beautifully rendered forms. In this is sacred life, divine reflections finely drawn as well befits a soul remembering home. Not in music or in paint alone, but more in mind and in the spaces of the heart where all live who dream of times more like the thought of Gods.


2 thoughts on “Most Like God”

    1. Marie,
      Your post, for some reason brings to mind a quote that occasionally echos in my mind:
      “Spirit in me oh splendid light that shines from paradise, illumine now this world of night, make me thy sacrifice. Pervade my spirit part by part oh self that I may find, forever in my heart a love for all mankind.” From, “The Mystic Testament,” by George C. Legros

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