Dream Radiance


The spiritual universe expresses in radiant centers of fire and light, and the physical universe follows. The grandeur of the day and night sky mirrors this principle; the tiniest particles of matter mirror it, and the human aura also radiates according to the growth of spirit. Spirituality is correspondent with the color and quality of beautiful radiation. In humanity, radiation is love and giving. The eyes show this light, and the voice shows it. Every word and act radiates according to quality of character. Meditation is radiation and the measure of a life well lived shows in a unifying radiance.

Awakening to unity means no clear boundary between within and without. The light in sky, the light of the atom, the light of aura, the light of thought–all merge in mystic perception.

Picture an explosion of light. Does the image evoke human invention, a star, a man, an angel, a thought? Sensitivity to light varies, but our eyes read by and through light. And we read not just by the eyes but by interior resources correspondence with inner light. Each of us reads by virtue of what we are, and of what we are, we know as yet only the smallest part. Our imaginations do not comprehend the full radiance of the future.

Having experience, we wait with confidence on the sunrise. For the coming of more subtle lights we will need to reach deep into the future blue of intuitive spaces. Looking toward the future, we find a spirited fullness and gladness in anticipation of great things, as if we have seen the future light in a dream. Perhaps we have.


6 thoughts on “Dream Radiance”

  1. Its wonderful to comtemplate the nature of light. It is bound up with consciousness and perception itself, also identity, as well as being a medium and travelling rays. All the senses and physical properties have their counterparts in the higher planes I feel. Light like energy has a spectrum of refinement that may well be infinite at the top end.
    I like radiation is love and giving.

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