The Everything and Nothing of Physics

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4 thoughts on “The Everything and Nothing of Physics”

  1. Very interesting article:

    In his “About” page he says:

    “We need to establish a global conversation and rational thought process in order to ensure that society can stay on track.”

    This is exactly the thing I also emphatize: the necessity of lucid dialogue. As he puts it, “a global conversation.”
    Yet, that´s exactly the issue: At least in this country where I live – Sweden, and for that matter elsewhere too – people are totally reluctant to engage in any real communication.
    Everything essential is considered taboo…True wisdom and a critical approach is considered anarchic here…

    I wrote in a short post that “People understand all right, but are afraid to admit they understand.”

    They all see, but once you open your mouth you are usually dismissed or laughed at…

    So what remains to do…?

    1. Yes, I think “fear” is likely the key factor at the root of the inhibition that prevents people from engaging in serious exchanges. And this is sometimes allied with mind that is relatively asleep. The majority of people are mostly emotional beings with the dominant emotions being fear and superficial desires.

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