Morphing with Light

person-110303 joy light 

There is a light behind forms. We could call it the life, soul or spirit of form. Whatever its name, it is the essence of things, the inner meaning of things. To read a thing well, is to divine its inner light. In paragraphs, we call it understanding the meaning. In relationships, reading well is the evocation of love. In nature, it is resonance with beauty.

The best reading of anything is morphing with light. To get at the inner meaning of a thing, we identify with it, merge with it. And to read well, we must go deep into a thing and deep into ourselves. These two depths are intimately related. Morphing with light is true consciousness, and it is both revelation and self- revelation.

Everything is in degrees, and the shades of meaning and degrees of light are of infinite variety. So morphing with light is really a multi-dimensional process. I’m thinking there are worlds of light behind all forms, and each revelation leads toward the next.

If we find no revelation in life, if we fail to read well and hold to rigid boundaries, then we live in illusion. We easily invest ourselves in the surface of things. The surface is attractive because light from the depth makes it shiny. So, we readily get caught in this glitter and think we’ve got the real meaning. We merge with the surface sparkle and mistake it for deep light.


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