Arc of Light



The world exists in degrees, and the spirit in relation to the world exists in degrees. This means we cannot apply an absolute label of “illusion” or “reality” to any phenomena. Rather everything has a measure of reality and illusion. There is nothing disappointing in this, for reality may still visit us with more than we can contain.

Are my words true or false? I see that the idea of “spirit in relation to the world” is a division contrary to unity. Unity is real, but language and thought are full of divisions. Yet the pieces of language help build a necessary bridge. Words may come as dead things. But let there be an arc of light between them.


6 thoughts on “Arc of Light”

  1. Good one again James, how many times have I explained to other spiritually aware people this reality isn’t an illusion however it is because it’s not what we are within it’s totality thus we have a double rainbow. We are only acting out & only knowing of portions of consciousness itself, it’s not an illusion just because we are doing this.

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