The Feel of an Unfamiliar Kingdom


I learned that, at night, we might be schooled by angels. Never did she introduce herself and say, “I am an angel.” It may be that “I” is not a known word, or if known, is kept secret. But her garments were all light, she spoke in musical waves of feeling, and gravity was nothing to her. What was I to think? She lacked wings, but then, despite many dusty old paintings, somehow I never expected them. I think in more familiar guise, I might mistake her for human. I cannot fathom her true identity and history, but it would not surprise me to learn that she herself remembers all that is of man.


3 thoughts on “The Feel of an Unfamiliar Kingdom”

  1. wonderful – i believe we meet angels eberyday without knowing it – children with their high pitched voices, their innocent smiles, their infecting laughter and happiness, thier trust and unconditional love are all the stuff of angels – those of us who have had or been with children are indeed blessed.

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