A Nimbus for All


Human imagination paints light, by tradition, as a nimbus glorifying the head of saints and saviors. Yet scriptures and mystics have affirmed the omnipresence of the light of Deity. Where then to justly locate such gold? Let us paint broadly according to omnipresence. Let us assign light lavishly to myriads of heads. Best even to leave out no one, not a single head without its nimbus of gold-colored light. Let our prophecy be this, that we affirm the glories that surround us in people and in things. Assign then a nimbus to all, and even to the long stretch of faces through history and on to far horizons of future worlds.


And if we find those who have forgotten their glory, let them see at least the memory of it reflected in the clairvoyance of optimistic eyes. And for those who seem lost and faded to dark—regard them with realistic gaze, but also through the seed of future light, for it may be that patient angels–who plan for all time and all worlds–will have their way with them at last.


5 thoughts on “A Nimbus for All”

  1. I am fascinated by the realm of light and Godness. As a comparison between light as an essential for Man’s survival on earth and light as the radiance or essence of God. References to light abound in relation to Deity. I began to do research on this and faltered for a number of reasons but you have rekindled the idea.
    A beautiful post.x

  2. Lovely post. Makes me think of the impressionists who tried to tried for scientific objectivity only to end up painting light as symbol. Many where mystics despite themselves. And maybe this allowed their work to express the inexpressible in an even more powerful way.

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