The Saint Makers

dragon-41597 saint horse battle

Saints of actual virtue, without bureaucracy or churches, shine bright in life and death. But people like to roundup numerous human intercessors and are fond of titles and royal attire. It’s advantageous for church leaders to create saints, the better to awe followers, the better to consolidate power, the better to give each one the desired personal object of devotion. But why must objects of devotion be the province churches and conventional religions? Do not objects of devotion surround us at every turn of life? And why should the modes of reverence be prescribed by ancient scribes and conclaves of old men? Saint makers, power brokers, strategists, bureaucrats—how will pure devotion flourish under the weight of such medieval inheritance?

The memory of some glows unrealistically white in death. Well good for reverence and good for optimism, but especially good if we could simply love the good without so much devoted whiteness of perception, and without intercession of plastic priesthoods. Let all good works be approved without layers of ceremony and the collective judgments of old men.

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Whatever is good beneath robes is nourished from within. I bow before it. But how many royal layers does it take to suffocate a good man? We can survive the surround of old stones, but heavy walls of thought and emotions shut out most of the light.

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We love the beautiful, but remnants of the beautiful are overlaid with ages of human error, and worldly saint makers compete with sanity and simplicity. The half-deceptions, the old dirges, the crazy human mix suffocates slowly–we learn sleepwalking with just enough real magic to keep us circling. Churches bind with nets of ancient magic, and the sins of the devoted are washed imaginatively white– for a price. The magic is neither black nor white, which suits the lazy, sleepy median. Ugliness woven with threads of truth serves millions, and remains a distinctly human concoction.

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And to those who have subjugated women for ages, to those whose minds run in stagnant theological rivulets, to medieval theologians and politicians—to these I say the church of stone and worldly power is dead. Service lives, and virtue lives, but its needs are simple and unconfined. But the spider web of theology does not serve and is dead; control by fear is dead; materialism and stones and worldly power is dead; half-truth is dead. Let the last clamors of prejudice depart into silence.

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I expect in death that saints have a ceiling of stars and sky yet I cannot but think that love of old stones dies. Certainly it pales next to the grand canyons of earth or any of the billion lights in the deep sky. It surely pales next to the greater canyons cut by curving walls of stars. I think stardom and the star-dome takes on new perspective in the light of death, and I cannot think a single great soul approves being named a saint.

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9 thoughts on “The Saint Makers”

  1. James,
    Perhaps we are all saints but have not yet become fully aware of it. Dannion Brinkley said that we are all heroes because, though we knew how difficult it would be, we still chose to come to this Earth.
    Thank you,

    1. Jerry, I like what you said about heroes. I have heard that from numerous sources, but more than that I FEEL it. I give Tarot Readings and I remind everyone I read for that their destiny is in their hands. You can always choose to face your fears and “fight” for good, peace, love, harmony, Light at ANY time, thus you can walk the hero’s path. I believe I am starting to awaken to my own true hero/saint nature, though I struggle at times with fear of being perceived as arrogant. What say you two to that?

      1. Kaycers / James,
        ar’ro-gant, adj. insolently proud / in’so-lent, adj. boldly rude. / Arrogance is something worthy of consideration as we have all gone through struggles with our egos and thinking we are “better” or “smarter” etc. For the simple reason that you recognize arrogance and are aware of it, it would seem that your fear of being perceived as arrogant are groundless. If you sense that someone thinks you are arrogant grab them by the shoulders, look them straight in the eye and tell them, “You think I’m arrogant don’t you? Well let’s just get one thing straight here and now. I am not arrogant and your perception of me as such is erroneous.” Then go on to recite 10,000 words written by Carl Jung to the person! But, yes, arrogance is something to concentrate on avoiding.
        Now, hero defines a man or woman who is brave. If we believe that all people chose to come into this physical realm, if we believe it to be true, then we are led to a whole discussion which goes to the heart of reality. The concept of us forgetting everything about the source where we originated is fascinating. The concept is mirrored by those who have had a NDE, were given the secrets of all life and the universe, but forgot what those secrets of reality were when they returned to their bodies. It seems there are some things we either need to work at to remember or will not know until we transition to spirit. NDEs come as close to giving us an explanation of reality as anything I’ve come across. I hope that didn’t come across as arrogant!

      2. Thanks for that response! It all really resonates with me! the only shortcoming is that I don’t know what NDE stands for. I humbly admit this ignorance, for I feel it is something I probably should recognize but can’t remember at the moment (I must have forgotten it along with my recollection of Spirit and the secrets of reality…)

  2. Kaycers,
    Yes, NDE=near death experience. James has some posts here on NDEs that are interesting as well as links to information where psychologists, neurologists, physicians etc. really get into the phenomena. (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) and (International Association of Near Death Studies) are two large sites that contain 100’s of personal accounts from men, women and children around the world. The words of those who have had a NDE, and to an extent the words of professionals, will astonish you. For searchers it is kind of like cutting to the chase, so to speak. I think you will be glad after you spend a little time reading the personal accounts. The NDE is not woo-woo. It is a real experience of the soul and, in my view, a very important, paradigm changing field of study.
    Thank you,

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