Behind the Mirrors of Illusion


My image in the mirror is illusion, another not-me. Light bounces from body to mirror to eye and mysteriously paints another not-me in the brain. I look down on this image and name it. The name is an unsatisfying apparition, and when I pass the name to you it remains a curious ghost. Yet behind the mirror, behind the image, behind the word, behind these into the vast heart of light, I see the foundation that makes all illusions visible.


8 thoughts on “Behind the Mirrors of Illusion”

  1. Since most people recognice them selves in a mirror they also react to that reflection and thus become a reflection of their own reflection.
    So, if not yet awakened, we are a feflection of our own reflection.
    When awakened, we become a non reactive spot in the universe through wich real un-relating change can take place.
    So. There is so called “hope” for those who don’t accept the world as it is.
    For the awakened one, there is no such thing.

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