On Apparent Nothingness


Universe does not end or begin in blank cosmological abstractions of the mind. The further up I go in the scale of things–and I have gone but a little way, but more than enough to see this–the spiritual remains manifold as well as one.  One may imagine pure white or dark or an abstract point, but that point is a door of prismatic beauty.  The spirit is a rich manifold world brought close to the eyes; it is that as well as unity.  How can we have eyes or eye when all is unity?–yet we do. Unity does not obliterate diversity but contains it.  Agni Yoga says, “The spirit is a light of the beauty of the stars.”  I will say that the infinite is unity yet full of plurals.  The spectrum does not disappear in the white but is hidden in it.



3 thoughts on “On Apparent Nothingness”

  1. This seems the ultimate koan: That the view of unity doe not obstruct diversity. I once read of a Sufi master who said that the real miracle isn’t that God is One, but that God is multiplicity. But maybe he was addressing his pupil’s state of preoccupation with oneness. He might as well have said the opposite.

    1. “…but I was a vastness somehow, that in no way contradicted or conflicted with my limited individuality… I was both my individual self and in some greater way, ‘I’ was also everything.” – The Sound of Light, Irina Starr James

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