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People use the word “faith” to cover a multitude of intellectual and emotional sins—dishonesty, fear, lack of commonsense, and justification of childish concepts. It is known that the hierarchies of humans bolster their power by encouraging ignorant faith. In the lower sense, faith leads to worship of man-created images and acceptance of unfounded authority based on fear, self-interest, and unthinking desperation to escape the surrounding chaos. People look up with dim faith and try to build religions out of God but mostly build them out of themselves. They look up and sense only a tiny part of a picture, adding their halting often-discordant colorings to everything.

2 thoughts on “Faith”

  1. Hello again! I have been away from the computer for awhile, two surgeries, one on the right eye to remove an annoying growth, and my third surgery on the heart.

    I don’t know for sure how long ago this blog was posted, but wanted immediately upon reading it to share with you that by my understanding of spirituality, you sound like a Christian who understands the path man is to take in order to be obedient to the principles He has laid out for us. I do not mean this in any way except as a compliment for the spiritual understanding I perceive in you, and could wish only that you will someday come to realize its source.

    I have thought this before in many of the things on which you have commented but this one is so totally accurate I wanted to add my whole-hearted approval. Of course man was created in God’s image and in His likeness which is a much broader concept than ‘man’ normally grasps. One might say ‘how so’ and the answer is that by failure to grasp the full intent for man by granting such a heritage, man in his lack of understanding took an outward rather than an inward path of application and changed God’s intent from a spiritual one to one he subsequently called ‘religion’. The things that I believe you envision for man and the world we live in comes from what is good in man and that source is from the all- powerful, all-knowing God.

    ‘Faith’ in its spiritual concept is the only way in which we can see God and I would suggest that a truth that is not believed does not alter the reality of that truth. You are correct in all the ways that man has misused the word but there is the ‘way’ that comes from God in which we are told that faith is the ‘substance’ of what we hope for and the ‘evidence’ of what we see. As one who believes in God and seeks to follow His principles the ‘seeing’ then comes as we observe the goodness of those who truly follow His principles who, to the best of their ability try to make themselves and the world a better place. This of course does not make that person free of his own mistakes. This is why we are taught by the Spirit who dwells within that we will be judged by the attitude of the heart not by the mistakes that are made.

    As for the knowledge of the spirit world and the beauty and perception of that world, you have gone beyond where most of us go. In my opinion God applauds that accomplishment, because it was He who commanded that man ‘subdue and have dominion over’ the world and its setting. The reasoning power given precludes the increase of knowledge and its usefulness. Knowing God is not a religious matter, It is a very personal spiritual matter that comes from personal seeking.

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