Fire and Crystal


Were I just landed by spaceship, I’d not expect to find the world other than it is. But having lived here a while, and known moments of grandeur, I’ve often returned to earth with a strange expectation that I would find the world more like the vision. The contrast is painful, but in time things do become brighter, fiery; all faces take on spiritual ambiguity, are luminous like sun behind clouds.

Mother Earth is dark in time, yet hides fire and crystal. The Earth brightens in time and gives revelation. The mother of God shines in crystal and the fire of the crystal. I see that the Mother of God is in the pure violet; we pass through her as a door. Then again I think I find her retreating even in the fearful face, and I fancy I find even in mockery a faint sparkle, a prelude to revelation. In the play of time and Absolute, all things hide opposites in forms that call to love regardless of condition.


3 thoughts on “Fire and Crystal”

  1. When I go into certain states of consciousness & come back I look at, for example, the written words as being just symbols to me, they , for a little while, have no meaning. I usually find our way of communicating quite antiquated & imprecise.

    1. “…If I knew what your
      name was I’d
      prove it’s your
      name spelled backwards or
      twisted in some way the one you
      keep mumbling but you
      won’t tell me your
      name or
      don’t you know it
      yourself that’s it
      of course you’ve
      forgotten or
      never quite knew it or
      weren’t willing to believe it

      Then there is something I
      can do I
      can find your name for you
      that’s the key to everything once you’d
      repeat it clearly you’d
      come awake you’d
      get up and walk knowing where you’re
      going where you
      came from…”

      May Swenson

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